Businesses have long focused on profit over their ESG impact for the benefit of shareholders, employees, and more. However, businesses no longer have to make a choice between making the largest profit or making the greatest impact on the environment. Businesses with ESG values built into their strategy, can not just avoid losses but can even drive more rapid growth.

What Qualifies a Sustainable Business?

A sustainable business works to minimize any potential negative effects it may have on the environment while continuing to make a profit and grow. Sustainable businesses believe that they can add value to shareholders and the environment at the same…

The World Bank links 1 in 10 deaths in India to poor sanitation. That is almost 10 million deaths a year just in India. Since over 50 percent of people worldwide do not have access to basic sanitation, this issue is very prevalent and needs to be solved soon. Identifying the root causes behind this is the most important step to solving it.

What is Sanitation and its Main Aspects

Sanitation has an extensive definition in that it refers to “public health conditions related to clean drinking water and adequate treatment and disposal of human excreta and sewage.” …*hB8pNGmOyxxr7yih.jpg

Many of Descartes’s main philosophies revolved around the existence of God. He first discussed the concept of God in Meditation III however went more in-depth in Meditation V. Most philosophers of his time spent the majority of their time arguing against the existence of god which is what makes Descartes’s philosophical beliefs stand out.

To prove the existence of God Descartes used justifiable information at his disposal. Unlike philosophers like Nietzche, he did not rely on his personal experiences to come up with philosophies. He only used the factual information he knew was true. …

Friedrich Nietzsche was an influential philosopher who left a lasting impact not just on his generation but one that has affected us as well. Nietzsche was very different from other philosophers such as Plato and believed that there are no rules for human life. he believed that if truth can truly be achieved if at all, it can only be from someone who disregards everything that society says is important. Many of Nietzsche’s philosophies have a huge impact on our own lives.

Will to power

We all innately want to grow as powerful as we can. However, not many people understand that suffering…

Here’s What Shops in the Area I was in Looked Like

Machine learning is used EVERYWHERE! Whether it's in your pocket or your thermostat or even your treadmill. However, went I went to India I saw what felt like millions of storefronts, and not one used more technology than a single monitor running Windows XP! Part of the reason this happens is that when small businesses are passed down generations, management styles are often never changed. That’s why almost every business in the US has a website and quite a few have their own apps and personalized chatbots, areas densely populated with these small storefronts don’t have any online presence whatsoever.

Electricity has become a part of our daily lives. Brewing coffee, turning on the lights, charging your phone, streaming music — all of these require electricity. But man, why does the cord have to be so short?
Don’t get me wrong, I love it when my phone is charged — but is there a way that I can charge my things without being permanently attached to the wall?
Let’s be clear that having limited mobility while charging a device is a very small inconvenience. …

Peter Thiel lies out his business fundamentals in a book called going from zero to one. This is regarded as a set of principles that thousands of entrepreneurs follow. He is the founder of Paypal and Palantir technologies, two very highly valued companies. After listening to many of his interviews, I have to admit that I don’t agree with the principles he has.

#1- Every Moment in the History of Technology Happens Once

React Native is an API that allows people to build apps on IOS and Android. An easy starter project is a chat app. Here is a simple tutorial.

Creating Our Server Using Firebase

We are going to use Firebase to create our server. This is a free program made by Google. Create a new app on Firebase on

I would recommend enabling Google Analytics on your app

Next, go to the authentication tab and click on the sign-in method option.

By now I’m pretty sure most students have experienced the change to online school. The next wave of teaching is coming and it’s going to be more impactful than Google Classroom.

What is VR?

Imagine instead of using Skype to video conference with colleagues, you were in a virtual room with them … or if you were a student in med school and were performing a virtual surgery. These are all applications of VR that exist today. As you can tell by the name virtual reality or VR is the use of technology to create a simulated environment. Some big companies in the…

The Problem

The average cost of on boarding per employee is $4,125. For a multinational company this can cost millions or even billions of dollar every year. In addition, only 12 percent of new employees think that their employer does a good job on onboarding. Most new employees also this that their onboarding program is too short.

The fact that many companies don’t even change their program based on employee concern is an even bigger problem. One reason for this is that they don’t know how to change the program. The same onboarding arrangements have been around for decades without change.

The Solution


Krish Lulla

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