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Doubts and Truths

The first way Descartes proved the existence of God was by doubting everything around him. This included the existence of his own body, the external world, and even to begin with the existence of God. Everything he couldn’t doubt was portrayed as certain knowledge. This is how he created the divide between formal reality and representational reality. He separated reality into three categories of scale. These were properties, finite substances, and infinite substances. These range from least real to most real respectively. At the bottom of the scale are properties. The existence of properties depends on finite substances. Infinite substances are god. Descartes believed that if something has a property the thing that made that has the same property. Otherwise, properties are created from nothing which doesn’t make any sense. This is true for both formal and representational reality. If properties are caused by finite substances, finite substances have to be caused by infinite substances.


I feel that this objective analysis was the only way Descartes was able to come to this conclusion. If he didn’t separate formal reality and representational reality he wouldn’t have been able to come up with a universally applicable piece of logic. With Descartes’s method no matter what you analyze you come back to the same conclusion. No matter whether you analyze a simple object or something as big as the Big Bang you get the same idea.

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